Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Declassified Gefilte Fish: It Still Smells

As it turns out the classified information contained in Hilz emails is not even the good part; it’s the non-classified emails that are more entertaining:

hillz email to the help

From “Instructions for the Help” email: the obligatory “Happy New Year, little people,” followed by assignments -  menu planning, skim milk, Human Rights Watch report, air time for Parks and Recreation and The Good Wife. That pretty much wraps up the Secretary of State’s priorities for 2010. Oh, and gefilte fish:

Screenshot Studio capture #015

When released, this one led to some fun on Twitchy:

Screenshot Studio capture #016

Butt let’s return for a moment to the gravlax gravitas of the classified emails processed on the bathroom server. Mind you, what we’re seeing now is what was left AFTER Hilz and staff deleted all the emails deemed either too “personal” or too incriminating. So maybe Hilz honestly doesn’t know the difference between classified and non-classified. What does that say about the smartest woman in the world and her qualifications for President of the United States? Mark Steyn has a few thoughts.

I say we just leave Hilz on in the role of keeper of the gefilte fish.

gefilte-fish Gelatinized Gefilte Fish Balls

She has experience keeping balls secured in a lock box, and America will be all the safer for it. Oh, and stop picking on the girl!

clinton lock box

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