Friday, October 16, 2015

The Art of the Deal: No Means No

I think CNBC just got trumped. The Donald is such a good negotiator that sometimes when he’s negotiating, you don’t even know it.

So when Trump said he was going to boycott the CNBC debate because they reneged (can I still say that?) on the original terms of the televised event, he didn’t stop there. He got the campaign of the other leading candidate to join him:

ap_trump_carson_lb_150916_16x9_608Dr. Ben is a quick learner

Donald Trump and Ben Carson are threatening to skip the next Republican presidential debate unless the format is changed.

The campaigns sent a joint letter Thursday afternoon to CNBC's Washington bureau warning they wouldn't participate in the network’s debate on Oct. 28 in Boulder, Colo., unless it lasts no longer than two hours and includes both opening and closing statements by the candidates. The Hill

The Donald pointed out that CNBC had increased the time in order to increase their commercial revenue (which reportedly went from $200k per 30 seconds to $250k with the addition of a third hour), not to provide a better forum for the candidates and and voters. Without coming right out and saying so he implied that without the 2 front horses in the race they didn’t really have much of a game.

At last report CNBC has reportedly cut the debate back to 2 hours.

I’d say that’s a welcome change from our current How about I give you my new car for one of your old shoes? ™ strategery.


I want The Donald on my negotiating team.


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