Monday, October 12, 2015

Amerika: Blowing in the Wind Since 2009

I have a very hectic week ahead, so I’m going to have to leave you (mostly) to your own devices. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Here’s today’s assignment: Big Guy’s interview on 60 Minutes – is delusion the new leadership?

President Barack Obama: “America is a safer place.”

illegalVotesMaking America safer since 2009

Steve Kroft: A year ago when we did this interview, there was some saber-rattling between the United States and Russia on the Ukrainian border. Now it’s also going on in Syria. You said a year ago that the United States– America leads. We’re the indispensible nation. Mr. Putin seems to be challenging that leadership.

President Barack Obama: In what way?

putin plays chess with his pigeonUh…every way?

Steve Kroft: He’s challenging your leadership, Mr. President. He’s challenging your leadership–

President Barack Obama: Well Steve, I got to tell you, if you think that running your economy into the ground and having to send troops in in order to prop up your only ally is leadership, then we’ve got a different definition of leadership. My definition of leadership would be leading on climate change, an international accord that potentially we’ll get in Paris.


global_warming_name_changesFinally: a challenge that we can effectively lead from behind on.


President Barack Obama: My definition of leadership is mobilizing the entire world community to make sure that Iran doesn’t get a nuclear weapon.

ct-michelle-obama-christens-uss-illinois-20151010I’m afraid that ship has already sailed.


No need to worry - “we are on correct path comrades.”


blowin in the wind bo-tie nfl superbowl champsAmerika: blowing in the wind since 2009

UPDATE: Happy Columbus Day; here’s Dewey From Detroit’s perennial favorite “Goodbye Columbus”

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