Monday, November 9, 2015

And the Award Goes To…

The Guardian finds it weird that Ben Carson’s house (that he paid for through his honest efforts) contains a room in the basement, next to the pool table, where all of the awards and citations he’s received (by virtue of his God-given skill combined with honest effort) are displayed.

ben carsons basementMy! That’s a lot of awards!

I wonder if they find it equally weird and egotistical that people like Michael Jordan have a trophy room in his home,


Or that Beyoncé and Jay Z might have a room in one of their many homes where they display all their Grammys.


Or that Oprah - again, in one of her many homes - might have a display case of all her Emmys and presidential medals.

Screenshot Studio capture #087

And I wonder if the Guardian finds it the least bit weird that when Barack Hussein Obama decided to run for president that his home (paid for by the executive job his wife got due to his community organizing connections and subsequent election to the U.S Senate, combined with a little help from a felon friend) contained virtually no awards, citations or mentions for anything. At all.

Which might lead you to the conclusion that of the two, one of them is a self-made man and the other Won is a made-man.

Butt I guess now they are about even in the medal, citation, and awards department now. Although Dr. Carson still earned through his honest efforts and Barry, well, you know…-----------

framed world readership-CENTAU-WM copy

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