Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Recap of the 4th Republican Debate: Why We Keep Fighting

I missed the kiddie debate which by all accounts was better than the featured film. The big kids debate played like the 4th sequel to a not-so-popular-to-begin-with movie.

Dumb-and-Dumber-2-bannerOne sequel too many?

My random thoughts:

Kasich lectured us on why “law abiding” illegal aliens can’t be sent home and said he would decide who got to keep their money and who would have to sacrifice it in the event of a bank failure. Hey John, GO AWAY! We don’t need any more imperial presidents.

Fiorina was very good at inserting all her best campaign talking points so they seemed almost organic. Zero-based budgeting for government is still her best idea.

Rubio: ditto. Anyone who can fit his whole stump speech into a debate is really good at articulating. And the last two times around that was good enough to win, so who knows. He’s still got to work on his triangulation theory of amnesty however.

Trump seemed constrained, as he’s obviously making efforts to come across as more diplomatic. Hint: picking on the girl (Why does she get to keep butting in?) isn’t very diplomatic.

Jeb! – receives the award for most improved; butt his best is still, clearly, not good enough.

Carson was low key to the point of vanishing. May not really be ready for prime time until he gets a better grasp on macroeconomics and foreign affairs.


Paul – well at least he finally got an opportunity to talk to us. Too bad he thinks we don’t need to strengthen our military. Advice: Rand, stop talking to your Dad. Also not ready for prime time.

WhyWeFightRecommended binge watching for Rand

Cruz: Damn, he’s smart! Alfa, great answers, good problem solver, like his tax plan, especially the part about eliminating the IRS.  I know he makes some people nervous butt he could use that to our advantage. I just wish he had a deeper voice so he could impress the superficial faction of the public (LoFos of all ilk, Democrats, and the GOPe).

ted_cruz_churchill_3-16-14-2“You have enemies? Good. It means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”          

- Sir Winston Churchill

And I’d like to take this opportunity on this Veteran’s Day to thank each and every one of our veterans for their service to our great country.

fight The price of greatness is responsibility. – Sir Winston Churchill

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