Thursday, December 3, 2015

Obama’s Winter Holiday In Amerika: “Merry Safe-Place”

I don’t know about you, butt I’ve heard enough about the Muslim killers. It may not be enough for Barry, butt when you leave home with your wife, body armor, high capacity arms and a GoPro, I’m 100% certain you aren’t making a holiday YouTube for the family.

So what do you say we discuss the complete transformation of America instead.

Here’s a good example: this year’s traditional gingerbread replica of the White House as prepared by the new White House pastry chef, Susie Morrison, who replaced (old white guy) pastry chef Bill Yosses last year.

white house gingerChef Yosses old white guy gingerbread version of the White House

White House HolidaysChef Morrison’s “White” House, transformed into a safe space

Having determined that covering gingerbread in white chocolate was a cultural appropriation (which we don’t approve of) as well as a micro-aggression Chef Susie opted for the more politically correct dark chocolate.

Furthermore, we’ve replaced much of the traditional, tasteful Winter Holiday decorations around the Big White with more culturally appropriate decorations. Now the firing of White House floral designer Laura Dowling (old white woman) last year makes more sense too.

official-white-house-christmas-tree-2015-blue-room-ftrThis year’s official Holiday tree

Designer Duro Olowu created these custom teddy bears using vintage African fabric to decorateTeddy Bears transformed by traditional African fabric

gum ballsGum ball Holiday tree, reportedly made with Holiday Nicorettes, for Barry

tumblr_inline_nyqxlqipTy1rqm58w_1280Artfully arranged artificial (due to global warming) snowmen.

For yesterday’s preview of the Winter Holiday decorations Lady M dressed up as one of America’s favorite Winter Holiday characters:


That’s right! How adorable.

mo-grinch-2 copy_thumb[76]

The Trumpster would be proud.

trump the donald's hair

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