Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Dicktator Goes Nuclear on Us

“…every time I think of those kids it gets me mad.” –Barack Obama, announcing new gun rules

And who is it, exactly, that you get mad at, Mr. el Presidente?

The shooter? The shooter’s gun? The shooter’s Mom, who legally owned the gun?  No; I forgot; you’re mad at the Second Amendment. And the do-nothing Republican Congress - who won’t pass your common sense gun “safety” laws. That would violate the Second Amendment…that you’re really mad at.

Second-AmendmentI know what part you don’t like, butt what part of “shall not be infringed” do you not understand?

And I was just wondering: whose kids were you crying for yesterday? Jim Steinle’s?

kate steinleKate Steinle, murdered by illegal immigrant

The Terry family’s?

Brian-TerryBrian Terry, murdered by a band of dangerous and violent criminals moving freely across the US-Mexico border

Or was it the children of the Stevens’, Smith’s, Woods’ and Doherty’s?

benghaziMurdered by…a YouTube video

And while you were busy checking another legacy issue off your things-to-do-to-transform-Amerika list, the world was not asleep. In fact, while the cat’s away…tin pot dictators will play:

koreaNOKO announces a successful hydrogen bomb test over night

So that’s good, yet another backwards, maniacally tyrannical regime may have their hands on weapons of mass destruction. While you’re worried about guns in the hands of patriots.  I know I’m missing something here, because I know you believe in a nuclear free world. I wonder what it could be?


You know what we really need? Some common sense hydrogen bomb safety measures. Starting with expanded background checks on foreign leaders in order to keep hydrogen bombs out of the hands of crazy dictators who feed their uncles to the dogs.

Hydrogen_Bomb_1952_3528913bObama’s legacy for Amerika: a level playing field.

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