Monday, January 4, 2016

You Keep Using That Word But I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

Anyone else confused by the dual use of the acronym “BLM”? One minute it refers to the #BLM group, intimidating and harassing citizens minding their own business at a mall or shopping district near you.


The next, we’re talking about the U.S. government’s Bureau of Land Management harassing and intimidating citizens minding their own business on their own property. 

hammond fam

Oh! Now I get it! Not all terrorists are the same.

Some are dangerous:


And some are not:


Some fires are started by terrorists:

hammond ranch fireControlled range burn – unauthorized by BLM

Because if you accidently harm federal land, that’s a felony.

And some fires are started by SJW:

Ferguson-shooting-Re-LUncontrolled city burning – authorized by #BLM

Butt if you purposely set fire to privately owned properties, that’s understandable, because - white hegemony!

Because thugs who are burning down cities and taking over campuses are just disenfranchised yutes who need more free stuff, and hard working ranchers trying to eke out a living the old fashioned way are terrorists.

Let the record reflect that the Hammond family does not necessarily support the armed militia takeover of the Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge. And even though the Hammonds are going to voluntarily report to jail today to serve out their term, this isn’t going to end well.

Full Facts On Hammond Case HERE

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