Sunday, February 21, 2016

A New York Yankee in South Carolina’s Court

It’s true, last night was all about a New York Yankee in South Carolina’s Court, aka “The Year of Living Magically.” The story of The Donald’s rise reminds me of Mark Twain’s  classic, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.


Pay special attention to this part of the plot:  

After being made "the Boss", Hank learns about medieval practices and superstitions. Having superior knowledge, he is able to outdo the alleged sorcerers and miracle-working church officials. At one point, soon after the eclipse, people began gathering, hoping to see Hank perform another miracle. Merlin, jealous of Hank having replaced him both as the king's principal adviser and as the most powerful sorcerer of the realm, begins spreading rumors that Hank is a fake and cannot supply another miracle. Hank secretly manufactures gunpowder and a lightning rod, plants explosive charges in Merlin's tower, then places the lightning rod at the top and runs a wire to the explosive charges. He then announces (during a period when storms are frequent) that he will soon call down fire from heaven and destroy Merlin's tower, then challenges Merlin to use his sorcery to prevent it. Of course, Merlin's "incantations" fail utterly to prevent lightning striking the rod, triggering the explosive charges and leveling the tower, further diminishing Merlin's reputation.Wiki

Not only is “the Boss” fighting political sorcerers (the GOPe and their legion of useless consultants) and church officials (none other than the Pope himself) butt he continues to perform “miracles” like winning the evangelical vote in states like SC. And despite Merlin’s ads claiming that The Donald was a fake who was incapable of performing another miracle,

he pulled off another one last night and managed to explode Merlin’s tower in the process.

Screen Capture #134

And not to belabor this trope, butt I would point out that the prime objective of King Arthur’s court was to smite the Muslim hoard that was threatening to take over Europe, which at the time was the extent of the Western world.


And so the story of the new-age sorcerer practicing his sorcery continues;

“By the way, this is the real scary part. ‘Trump won this week despite coming out for (a) health care mandate, defending planned parenthood, blaming Bush for 9/11, standing by impeachment.’” - Ed Driscoll

reports to the contrary having been greatly exaggerated.


P.S. Meanwhile in Nevada, the old female nag socialist beat the old gray gelding socialist. Either way, they’re still two old horses standing in the field.


2016  - The Revolution Continues

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