Thursday, February 25, 2016

Holey Mole!


The opening paragraph of Jonah Goldberg’s column (h/t: Larwyn’s Linx) this week pretty much says everything that needs to said about the GOPe:

As things stand, Donald Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee. That’s awful news, and depressing to contemplate. But terrible possibilities don’t become less terrible if we refuse to contemplate them. Rather, they become more likely.

“But terrible possibilities don’t become less terrible if we refuse to contemplate them?” Too bad Jonah doesn’t feel that way about the invasion of illegal aliens. He still doesn’t get it.

The morals of this story so far should be familiar. First, you can’t count on politicians to look beyond their immediate tactical self-interest. Second, rumors of the so-called establishment’s power — or even existence — are greatly exaggerated. Waiting for “the establishment” to save the party from Trump’s hostile takeover is like waiting for Godot to bring the beer to the party.

Well, we all agree that “waiting for the establishment” to save the party is useless.

Butt Jonah believes that The Donald’s rise is is due solely to the candidates reluctance to use negative ads against him:

Nearly everyone, including yours truly, believed that Trump’s candidacy would exhaust itself on its own terms. There are many reasons why that hasn’t happened. Chief among them: Too many people thought it was someone else’s job to bell the Trumpian cat. No better evidence for this can be found than the fact that of the $215 million spent by super PACs so far this cycle, only 4 percent was spent attacking Trump, according to the Washington Post.

Again, a shame he didn’t realize the benefit of negative ads during the McCain and Romney campaigns against Obama. We might not be here talking about this had that happened.

Concluding that “Marco Rubio is now the only plausible alternative to Trump” and that “if the two factions — which make up the overwhelming majority of Republican voters — could be unified, it might be enough to stop Trump” as long as it was a Rubio-Cruz ticket:

Cruz won’t work at the top of the ticket for the simple reason that too many GOP quislings [ed. including Mr. Goldberg, GOPe member in good standing] fear Cruz more than Trump. But a unity ticket — a la Reagan–Bush in 1980 — in the form of Los Hermanos Cubanos might just do the trick.

Holey Mole! That recipe smells more like desperation than school spirit.

property_of_republican_party_personalized_drk_tee-r725198b2fc0d4a93863b84427e985618_jyrsk_630GOPe idea of school spirit: WE OWN YOU!

And it looks like the GOPe failed to check the clock in the “Chopped” competition kitchen until their time was nearly up so now they’re looking for a mole shortcut:

mole11Kool! Teen Spirit in a box!

Because a winning real deal would take way too long to cook up now:

mole ingredients 

In summary, the GOPe hates Trump and fears Cruz butt is willing to accept Cruz as #2 in order to drag their last, best Los Hermanos Cubanos hope across the finish line. They still don’t get it. America is tired of the ersatz, they want the real deal.

trump fight

I should note that the GOPe isn’t the only group afraid of Trump. Apparently you can add China to that list:

China warned the United States on Wednesday not to adopt punitive currency policies that could disrupt U.S.-China relations after Donald Trump’s win in the Nevada caucus. - Free Beacon

Hee hee. All I can say to the GOPe is you keep doing it your way -

mole avogrados number

and The Donald will keep doing it the old fashioned way. We’ll see who gets to China first.


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