Monday, March 21, 2016

Cuba: Obama’s Reverse Domino Theory

Why visit Cuba now, when Big Guy originally said he would travel to the island nation only after seeing substantive change? Some say it’s because he wants to facilitate change – something we know he’s good at. However the change he’s most famous for is transforming free countries like the U.S. into something more like Cuba.


So what exactly is he there for? No, he didn’t go to Cuba to “change it back,” he went because Lady M wouldn’t stop pestering him. It seems everybody who’s anybody has already been: Sean Penn, Justin Bieber, the Pope, Beyoncé and Jay Z:  

Jay z beyonce That’s a sweet ride!

Some people are saying that President Raul Castro and bro’ Fidel dissed our President by not rolling out the red carpet for his arrival yesterday. I can see how they might feel that way, and it does give fuel for Trump’s mantra that nobody respects America any more; butt the truth is Raul always plays Cuban dominoes with close friends and fellow revolutionaries on Sunday afternoon. Big Guy should have checked with him before deciding on his arrival time. Oh, and Fidel is dead, right?


The official trip plan:

President Obama will spend two and half days in Cuba accompanied by First Lady Michelle Obama and their two daughters Malia and Sasha. On Monday, he will participate in an official state visit, including a bilateral meeting with President Raul Castro and a state dinner. He will also speak to entrepreneurs in the country.

The president plans to address the Cuban people directly in a historic speech on Tuesday. He is also expected to meet with dissidents, and the sports fanatic president will take in an exhibition game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban National team.ABC

Great, the most anti-business President in our lifetime is going to be giving Cuban entrepreneurs tips; and I suppose he’ll be throwing out the first ball at the exhibition game between the two countries too. More historical stuff.

first pitchMasculinity, you’re doing it wrong.

Oh well, at least it will be a nice family trip, with all  those happy memories.


And then there is that whole domino theory thing.

middle east dominoObamanoes-with-Seal3wp-e1449402891504

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