Monday, June 27, 2016

No Comment Required

Did you ever - and I mean ever - think the San Francisco Gay Pride parade would be boycotted for not being queer enough? Because it was too corporate, too straight and too white…

pride san fran

to “feel like an appropriate setting to show LGBT solidarity?” Yeah, me either.

And not only that butt it’s apparently too racist as well:

The Bay Area’s chapter of Black Lives Matter (BLM) has officially pulled out of San Francisco’s gay pride parade because the city is providing an increased police presence for security. –Breitbart

Don’t you hate it when your identity groups fight amongst themselves?


Meanwhile, in international news, Gay Pride parade banned in Istanbulas reported in the appropriately titled NO COMMENT section of Euro News. Of course there’s no point having a parade in a Muslim country where, as everyone knows, they simply “do not have that phenomenon.” Probably because of the way they deal with it when they do.


And in related news, no Gay Pride parades were held in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq or anywhere else in the Islamic State. TRIGGER WARNING: Microaggresion ahead.

isis throws gay man from roof

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