Saturday, July 2, 2016

The 4th of July in Neverland

In case you were wondering if there was any impact of top ranked universities dropping the requirement that history majors study U.S. history:

Apparently, yes. Sadly, non-history majors know even less.

God bless America - we’re going to need it with this, the most expensively non-educated generation ever to emerge from the hallowed halls of America’s propagandist system.

grumpy cat duct tape

As long as you get them while they’re still young:

peter pan duct tapedThe Peter Pan generation can’t be duct taped soon enough

Welcome to the 4th of July in Neverland, where the word “independence” no longer exists.

The Millennial Anthem: “run, run, lost boy,they say to me; away from all reality”

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