Sunday, July 3, 2016

It’s Just One Frocky Horror Picture Show© After Another

I was working on a post, butt decided it wasn’t appropriate for Independence Day weekend, so I give you this instead, inspired by somebody’s suggestion the other day that we do a review of some of Lady M’s, umm, “classic fashions.”  Below are the results of the last review I conducted, on May 5, 2013, with a h/t to Lady Biki who I believe in an earlier life first introduced us to the term “Frocky Horror Picture Show.”

rerun van pelt

The “Frocky Horror Picture Show©” 2013 Battle Is Now….Over!

The 2013 Edition of my historic “Frocky Horror Picture Show©” battle is in the can and we have a winner. The battle was fierce, fraught with technical difficulties and Court Orders. Over 4 million votes were cast and my servers are in dire need of a rest.

The history books will record this election and the final results as a textbook example of Chicago Rules. Peaceful protesters marched on my little bunker challenging entries featuring Lady M in attire that, in their opinion, did not meet the strict definition of a “frock:”"


Butt I looked it up in my Funk & Wagnalls app,


and found:

    1. an outer garment worn by monks and friars
    2. an outer garment worn chiefly by men:
      1. a long loose mantle
      2. a workman's outer shirt; especially
      3. woolen jersey worn especially by sailors
    3. woman's dress


Lucky for me, Chicago Rules are in effect, so I have awarded my coveted Golden FLOTUS to 2 finalists.

After an exhausting night of counting absentee ballots and analyzing dangling chads, my super secret Election Results Overseers in the Windy City have certified the results (rounded here to the nearest 1,000) and the winner(s) is(are):

In The Category “Traditional Frocky Horror” - Garnering 1,180,000 Votes


Janet: “The MOTUS Bulge look”


In The NEW Category “Non-Traditional Frocky Horror” - Garnering 745,000 Votes


run4fun53: “low class trash”



CONGRATULATIONS Janet and run4fun53, winners of my 2013 “Frocky Horror Picture Show©” Battle, and all the others who entered and lost did not win failed to buy enough votes are special. Janet and run4fun53 have earned the people’s ovation and fame forever, are now permanently ensconced in my Snark Attack Hall Of Fame and have received my coveted, Golden FLOTUS!

I close my first, historic Frocky Horror Picture Show© contest out with a h/t to Janna for inspiring the original concept and this promise/warning: there will be more. Because, people, as admirable a job as you all did – and it was admirable - we barely scratched the surface.

For instance, this little gem from Big Guy’s first historic Nobel Peace Prize party in Norway didn’t even make it into the frocks for consideration:

gold mess


This wrinkly, crinkly golden Oslo Frocky Horror vision served as inspiration for the original Golden FLOTUS statuette! I hope Calvin Klein is proud of himself.

I know I am (proud of myself, that is).

I know, I know: we’re long overdue for another contest.Butt I just don’t know if I’m constitutionally up to it anymore.


And this reminds me of Sista’ Silver Heels, from March 3, 2015:

sista silver heels_thumb[9]Why God invented hosiery

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