Tuesday, July 5, 2016

OMG! We’re Turning Into the French!!

“Occam's razor” - the philosophical idea or scientific principle that of any given set of explanations for an event occurring, it is most likely that the simplest one is the correct one.

With our military beginning to look more like a social experiment every day than a mighty fighting force

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it is time to raise the perennial question once again: is Obama evil or incompetent? 

Before you answer, consider the following:

In January of this year the Iranians captured one of our Navy ships; the sailors immediately confessed to wrongdoing, apologized to their captors, responded to questions inappropriately and were released after Iran used their humiliation for propaganda purposes. A Navy investigation following the incident produced disturbing information:

  • The report found the crews were poorly prepared, their boats not properly maintained, communication almost entirely lacking, and their conduct after being captured by the Iranians wasn't up to military standards.
  • The report details a lax culture for U.S. Navy sailors who routinely patrol the Persian Gulf which ultimately led to a highly embarrassing incident for the U.S. military…
  • "The culture ... (was) characterized by informality. They conducted no patrol briefings, and missions were supported by no formal mission analysis, standard planning factors, risk assessment, or overwatch," investigators wrote.

Then we find out from the Benghazi Report that our military was not so much restrained as they were unable to respond to the attack on our consulate. From Richard Fernandez, The Enemy Doesn't Coordinate With Your Narrative:

  • The men of Benghazi were not, in the official sense, left to twist in the wind. Yet that was the effect. United States forces were simply unable to mount a response and they were, to all practical purposes, alone.  The report outlines a veritable compendium of failure. Some might even call it an indictment of the nation's military posture.  The reluctance to explore it is easy to understand.  It was a rock that nobody in the administration wanted to look under.
  • Basically, the Benghazi consulate was overrun because the administration had established an embassy beyond the wire and outside the artillery fan. They had deceived themselves into thinking it was tenable. They entrusted its defense to unreliable militias. When it was attacked, they had no forces within practical range of relief. To explain the resulting disaster, they peddled a fairy tale which even they did not believe.  It was all wishful thinking from beginning to end and beyond. We are now in that beyond.

In 2012, while our (former military) men fought heroically to protect our consulate in Benghazi, no backup arrived to assist them…not because they were told to stand down butt because we couldn’t decide what clothes to have our current military men wear? Why, then, is anyone surprised that four years later when our New Navy sailors wandered unaware, unprepared and unconcerned into Iranian waters that our sailors surrendered without a fight when captured? Such things do not just happen organically. There has to be a guiding hand behind it.

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First we Obamanized NASA, shifting it’s emphasis away from aeronautics to Muslim outreach. Then we Obamanized the military.

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Obama fired all the generals and admirals who wouldn’t sign on to his “New Military” standards and replaced them with Social Justice Warriors. Now our military isn’t even expected to measure up against the standards set for the boy scouts and girl scouts:

Baden-Powell_Scouts'_ be prepared

Weak leadership, poor judgment, a lack of 'warfighting toughness' and a litany of other errors led to the capture of 10 US sailors by Iran back in January, Navy investigators say.

In a report into the incident, released today, officials say the men were unprepared for interrogation, gave away information including the passwords to phones and laptops, and details about their vessel and mission.

The damning report concludes that 'decision makers at every level failed to intervene' in order to stop the mission from becoming an embarrassing failure. – Daily Mail

So again I ask: Evil? Or incompetent? Hint: while not mutually exclusive, Occam’s Razor rules may apply.

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