Monday, April 29, 2013

Announcing MOTUS’ Big Frocky Horror Picture Show© Contest

Pressing matters of state call me away today, so I’m going to have to give you all a homework assignment in my absence. Inspired by Janna’s comment yesterday:

 I must admit I am curious ( yes, I know what curiosity did to the cat ) about the rest of the Frocky Horror Mooch wore butt since I haven’t been to the tea trolly yet its probably just as well I don’t know.

I’m launching the official “Frocky Horror Picture Show©” contest. Submit any of your favorite “Frocky Horrors” that Lady M has worn over the years as an attachment in a comment. Only one picture per comment, please. Then you, and everyone else can “like” the heck out of your personal faves.

Your choice may be one of the top 5 chosen to be included in the final Frocky Horror Picture Show© on-line poll on Wednesday. Whoever submits the winning entry will receive a coveted Golden FLOTUS Award, so get busy! These babies aren’t awarded every day! Or even every year.GOLDEN FLOTUS-hall of fame small copy

The coveted Golden FLOTUS 

So upload as many of your favorite “Frocky Horrors” as you wish (remember just 1 per comment since we’ll be voting). Then, switch into community organizer mode and mobilize your friends, family, neighbors and busloads of homeless, to cast dozens of “likes” for them. It won’t be hard to get the homeless to vote for any Obama.

Remember, as always, Chicago rules apply: you can double or triple “like” something, just by logging in as a “guest.” (Butt there are some new rules recently implemented by Disqus regarding “dislikes:” you can’t cast a “dislike” vote unless you are logged in with a verified Disqus account: one small step for mankind one giant step to squash those pesky trolls. It would have made more sense to pick the “Frocky Horrors” with the most “dislikes” for the finals, butt with Disqus’ new voter ID rules, that might have been racist.

Anyway, grab a cuppa Joe – or whatever it takes – and open your vaults, check your files, review your photo streams, Google and Bing away: we are looking for the best of Lady M’s Frocky Horrors and only you can help us locate them.

Here are a couple of oldies butt goodies for your consideration – just to get your memory gears oiled up:

sipaphotostwo551790-DC-MICHELLE-OBAMo’s Mentoring Belt from November, 2009


mo's back zipGazing on Greatness, from December 2010

There really are too many to count, butt count we will. If you don’t have your own vault of special memories here’s a little hint: just click on any random week from MOTUS’ archive at the very bottom of the sidebar. There will be something special there!

Now get out there and do your part to preserve Lady M’s legacy in the “Haul of Fashion.”

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