Monday, December 27, 2010

Gazing on Greatness

The Wons have already gone to church six times since taking office in January, 2009. So if it weren’t such a slow news cycle, it wouldn’t exactly be news that they chose to worship with local military families while on vacay.

President Obama made a rare trip to church Sunday, attending a late-morning service with his family at a chapel on a Marine base near his vacation home in Hawaii.

Obama last attended church Sept. 19, a month after the release of a poll showing the number of Americans who believe he’s a Muslim was increasing. Sunday marked his seventh time he’s gone to church since taking office.

P122610PS-0060The Wons sing “Joy To the World (the Lord has come)”  with the congregation of St Michael’s chapel on the Kaneohe Marine base

I don’t know why people make such an issue over the Wons going to church anyway. It’s as if they forgot that they use to go to church every Sunday, for 20 years, to hear the Reverend Wright’s unique take on Black Liberation Christianity.

Besides, we’ve had presidents before who didn’t attend services regularly. Ronnie didn’t attend public church services all that often while he was in the White House either. And while Bill went to church more often, it was usually to seek forgiveness for some damn thing or another. Even GWB, whose evangelical leanings made Dems very uncomfortable, didn’t go every week.

So you can understand why BO is confused: emulate Ronald Reagan and George Bush who lived and governed by their Christian values but didn’t go to church on Sunday, or emulate Bubba, who went to church often to acknowledge his sins and seek forgiveness?

Boy, this presidential imagery is a lot harder to manage than it looks! Well, we’re going to split the baby (good Biblical imagery) and go several times a year so as not to be criticized for never taking the Wee Wons to a house of worship, butt not so often as to unsettle the secularists in our base.

As long as we stay out of mosques, except when we’re travelling to Muslim countries where it would be rude not to go, I think we’ve pretty much got our bases covered.

The rest of the time, Big Guy will continue to worship privately, as he has for years now:

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mirror  81318072 Obama-Mirror-blogSpan


By the way, you probably recognized our blue and white frock and were wondering if Lady M wore her fashion forward, security coded leggings with it.

mexico deplaning blues pair

Answer: no. As you may recall, Bruno rejected the leggings color coded system in favor of crop circle symbols. And besides, we scared all the Christmas bombers away with our enhanced TSA pat down procedure. So no smurf legs this trip.

Oh, and before I go to get Lady M ready for her beach shots, here’s a close-up of the camo-apron we wore over our Speedo to greet the Marines at Kaneohe on Christmas. You’re going to see it elsewhere, so I might as well apologize right up front. I thought the new containment system would allow me to blink, but apparently not.


So I’m sorry. I didn’t realize we were going out for a photo shoot before our Winter Holiday steak dinner, and I had already enjoyed my traditional vacay Mai Tai. It won’t happen again.

I think I’ll order something a little easier on the eyes for next year’s beach vacay:

Burqua Beachwear: a practical solution to that last pesky 50 pounds

burqa beachwear 

burqa beech