Saturday, January 1, 2011

Talent We Can Believe In

bojon Talent we can BELIEVE in

A news release from part-time Big White spokesman Bill Burton:

Tonight, the President will be spending time with family and friends and later they will have the annual New Year's Eve Talent Show.

Yes, the First Family staged their traditional New Year’s Eve talent show last night.

The Associated Press reports that "the White House is keeping Obama's talent a closely guarded secret. Several friends and family members will join the Obamas at their rented oceanfront home in Kailua.

“Closely guarded secret,” Heh. Those guys at AP! What a sense of humor.

Butt as the WSJ reports:

President Barack Obama and his family will celebrate New Year’s Eve in Hawaii with a low-key tradition: A family talent show.

White House spokesman Bill Burton wouldn’t say what talents might be on display. But a Time magazine story from 2009 said First Lady Michelle Obama is known for her hula-hooping skills and her husband is known to croon among friends.

Wow! Hula-hooping. In Honolulu. File that one in the “you can’t make this stuff up” category. Also in that file: one of the books on Big Guy’s vacay reading list: Our Kind of Traitor by John Le CarrĂ©.

Butt back to the talent show:remember, this was a competition, not  an exhibition. Because the Wons like to win. Which they did - in all categories, so I’ll just mention a couple of the categories that they took the honors in.


Seriously. This was a no-brainer:

Likewise, the “Dress Like a Fashion Icon” competition:

washington organic mrkt

A few of our favorite iconic ensembles:

 shorts michellefeeling the love ribbonsrufflesandlace4 

Big Guy, in addition to “crooning” and “teleprompter reading”, was the hands down winner in the “Impersonation” competition:

Bo consecrates a host led disc Impersonating a priest…

first pitch nationals

a big league pitcher

FireShot-_1 impersonating the guy in front of you (2 entries) obama-bush1

 FireShot-_9 Big Guy’s impersonation of a camera lens…


and the Abominable Snow Monster

and of course…

FireShot-_3 POTUS (Bill Clinton was the runner up in this category)

Gibbsy took runner up in the Darth Vader impersonator running…

gibbs and starwars son RobertGibbs 

and Joey B took runner-up in the “spelling 3-letter words with 4 letters” competition.

joe_biden Happy 2010, er, 11!

It was a very fun-filled year, wasn’t it?

Happy New Year to one and all!

And here’s a little New Year’s gift for you from one of my new facebook friends (thanks JM!): embargoed pictures! They’re a little fuzzy, butt you can see our lovely halter bibb frock. And the dazzling bracelet of a a thousand bands.

What a scoop! Don’t tell Lady M you saw these, OK?

168659_485859869478_632334478_5742221_7423941_n This is so Wong


Butt Wong Can Cook!