Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winning Transformations



Well thank goodness! No Christmas Day panty bombers in Detroit this year to ruin our Winter Holiday dinner at the Hawaiian Big House. You’ve no idea how disruptive that whole mess was to our idyllic vacation last year.

Even though Big Guy didn’t utter a peep for the first 72 hours after the Undie-Bomber’s nearly successful  attempt to blow up a jet over Detroit, he was busy taking phone calls from his terrorism team. They were mostly explaining how they were on vacation too, and didn’t really think it was a big enough deal for either he or them to breakaway for. When finally our MSM got back to work and made it clear someone had to address the incident, Big Guy had to interrupt his golf and basketball therapy to handle the matter himself. You probably remember his press conference 3 days later, to say that the young Nigerian acted stupidly, and, as Bruno was quick to point out, our TSA plan worked, thanks to our cleverly seated “Dutch tourist.”

Butt like I said: all’s quiet on the Western Front this year. So we did our obligatory Marine base tour of duty for an hour yesterday to show how much we, and especially Lady M, care about our military families. And in return, some of the military family members showed how much they cared about the Wons:

20101226_newsOBAMA1Heh. That’s cute kid, now stick that tongue back in your mouth where it belongs.

Lady M had her hair styled in the same island-holiday carefree style that she wore last year:

 does he make my butt look small          it's back 

The bun is a little bigger and wrapped a little tighter this year (2009 arrival, left, 2010 visit to Kaneohe military base, right

The same could be said of her bum:

marine corp base camp            backside

2009 visit, left; 2010 visit right: we added a camo-apron to the containment system this year

In addition to the usual golf and hoops, Big Guy is also catching up on his reading, with Lou Cannon's "President Reagan: Role of a Lifetime" among his selections for the holiday.

Other books on his holiday reading list: The Road to Serfdom, by F.A. Hayek (in case we missed something), and The Ugly Truth: Diary of a Wimpy Kid #5part of his ongoing therapy.

Lady M  is doing a little reading herself, having brought a copy of Now Eat This! which explains how to take everyday comfort foods and make them healthy. It’s for her No Child’s Fat Behind program; she never stops sacrificing for the American people.

We couldn’t stay at the Kaneohe base for dinner with the marines though, since Chef Comfy was busy back at the Big House preparing our Winter Holiday feast of steaks, potatoes and holiday pies. After all that lame duck, we earned a nice fatty steak dinner. It’s just too bad we had to pass on the delicious roast pork this year, butt I’m sure we’ll be adding that back to our daily menu soon, too. Just as soon as Big Guy finishes the Reagan book so he knows how to look (and act) like Ronnie, so he can lure the R-words over to his side.

reagan on horse

I’m in charge of optics.


I’m gonna’ be busy! Wish me luck!