Saturday, July 30, 2016

A Tale of Weebles and Bobble-Heads: Not My Circus, Not My Monkey

What a long, hot, contentious week this has been. Never have I been quite so happy to say:

circus poster

So I make no attempt to explain. I shall simply illustrate.

First, the star monkey as a Weeble (I suspect this is a microaggresion) in blue:


…and again, in white (I know this is mircoaggresion; apologies in advance and I better throw in a trigger warning as well):


And next, our star monkey as a Bobble-head (again, trigger warning and apologies for the microaggresion) doll:

DEM 2016 Convention

And as a real-live bobble-head:

Step right up! See the only living Bobble-head running for President!

The Democrats have a really big tent

circus tent

so I suspect the turnout will be high and the various circus acts stellar.

weeble circus tent and cannonsLadies and gentleman! The human cannon ball!

Butt, like I said: not my circus,

vintage weeble wooble clown

not my monkey.

weeblesque clownHave a nice day.

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