Monday, July 25, 2016

Sgt. Schultz and Hillary Know Nothing

You remember the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy:”

Behold, the 21st century version:  “the Hillary Standard.”

"I often feel like there's the Hillary standard and then there's the standard for everybody else," she told CBS.

And, strangely, many of her opponents agree with her assessment.

Here are some excerpts (outtakes, as the questions about the DNC emails didn’t make it to the final cut) from the 60 Minutes interview with Hillary yesterday:

"No, I didn't know anything about it, and I haven't read any of those," Clinton responded.

"Again, I don't know anything, I don't know anything about, uh, about these emails. I haven't followed it," Clinton responded.

"Again, I don't have any information about this, and so I can't answer specifically," Clinton said.

schultz clinton

In summary: Hillary knows nothing about the emails that went missing from her bathroom server, nothing about foreign donations to her campaign (and family foundation) and she certainly ‘knows nothink!’ about all those emails demonstrating that it’s a rigged system.

So, can’t we all just get along?

leave hillary alone

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