Saturday, August 6, 2016


What a week; state dinner Tuesday, Barry’s birthday dinner at Fiola Mare on Thursday, and then - last night! Birthday Lollapalooza! We rolled up the carpets and everyone boogied down till the sun came up. And while there was no sit-down dinner, don’t worry; there were enough “snacks” to feed all the starving children in America as well as the rest of the world - for a year. Butt as you know, no pictures. The most transparent administration ever is wrapping up their last year the same way they started: no outsiders, no photographers, no press, and no social media (!?!).

The party list consisted exclusively of fatally hip, terminally cool, rich kids on the block. They hung out all night drinking, blowing, eating, dancing and speaking ill of Republicans in general and Donald Trump in particular. Cleanup is going to be horrendous butt fortunately the help will have 2 whole weeks to handle it as the Wons will be off to Martha’s Exclusive Enclave for 2 weeks as of today.

So, as I have no new photos of the Spectacular Won’s 55th spectacular birthday party, I’m presenting one last shot at Tuesday’s hot mess. It comes my way via Gerard who ransacks the internet every day in order to enlighten and entertain us with life’s highs and oh-so lows. He emailed this gem yesterday: Everything Wrong With America, In A Photo


WOMAN: Hulking, sullen, traps that could stuff an NFL running back.

MAN: Effete beta, deferential to his wife, smug libfag smirk because he’s proud of himself for signaling his male feminist bona fides. (“Ladies and gentleman…my beard! I wouldn’t be where I am today without, her.”)

If that offends, you certainly don’t want to click on the link as the Obama’s represent just a few of the genders they really don’t like that much over there. Although it does sum up the whole surly mess we call “the Wons” rather succinctly. Let’s just hope they move their entertainment empire venue on to New York or Hollywood real soon.

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