Sunday, August 7, 2016

Imagine a Shark…and a Whale

This was concerning, considering Martha’s Vineyard is just south of Cape Cod:

3 Beaches Closed on Cape Cod After 6 Great White Sharks Spotted Feeding on Whale Carcass

Three beaches on Cape Cod were closed to swimming Friday after as many as six great white sharks were spotted feeding on a whale carcass.

The good news: Kim Kardashian is no longer pregnant.

kimmy and the whale

And Orca Oprah has been spotted, safe on shore.

oprah in her orca suit

The bad news: Lady M  hasn’t even had time to squeeze into her bathing suit yet, let alone hit the beach. I’ll spare you the image; people have died for less. Butt imagine this, only shorter – with a black stripe down each side:


Now get out there and enjoy your shark-free Sunday,

This post is guaranteed to be 100% shark-free.16214-illustration-of-a-shark-pv

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