Thursday, August 11, 2016

Parallel Parking in America: a Parable

Somebody handed the keys of a luxury car over to a woman who barely knows how to drive and clearly knows nothing about parallel parking. What could go wrong?

ferrari9n-2-webWhoops! I guess we need one of those “Reset” buttons.

A woman runs over the hood of a $300,000 Ferrari while trying to park her Mercedes in a space the size of semi-truck. It’s  unclear at this point if the car’s computer system had been hacked into, the driver had some type of medical “short circuit,” or if it was just a case of an incompetent driver behind the wheel of an expensive car.

rs-hillary-clinton-48a6a443-33cd-4dae-96ec-05d450c42815“And I don’t want to hear a word about women drivers!”

hillary's america-in-theaters


hillary reset overcharge what difference does it make

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