Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hillary’s Hair-Raising Reset: Har De Har Har!

Knowing that her Russian Reset button would come in handy again at some point,Hillary hung onto it.


And sure enough – when she got caught up in her own wake and was about to go down for the third time she whipped that sucker out and hit it, this time with feeling. And voila! We have yet another re-launch; The Last Hillary Clinton Presidential Tour: this time with humor and heart. Which is tough when your idea of humor consists of scripted quips like “The hair is real, the color isn’t” - and you’re talking about your own, not The Donald’s.

hilz trump hairAnyone can have a bad hair day

Butt when your emotional intelligence, as Dorothy Parker might have put it  “runs the gamut of emotions from A to B,”  you might want to steer clear of the “heart” issue altogether.

hillary-clinton madHillary, exhibiting her emotional rage range

So, we’re left with humor. And I presume this, from Hilz ABC interview, is Hillary’s idea of humor:

“But I am looking forward, finally, to testifying before Congress. Something I've been asking for nearly a year.”

The nuance of this humor is the irony: Hilz had been fighting her appearance before Congress for “nearly a year” before her lawyers finally agreed to one, and only one, appearance. (I’ll Testify If I Feel Like It.) Ha Ha! You’re killing it Hill! Keep up the good humor.


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