Saturday, September 12, 2015

“Black Holes Are Where God Divided By Zero”



Rush wondered aloud yesterday about the Iran nuclear deal - ironically enough - approved by our esteemed body politic on the day before 9/11:

This is just... It's inexplicable.  The whole thing is inexplicable.  There is so much that doesn't make any sense anymore.  So much in our politics that's happening every day doesn't make sense to people anymore.  And no matter how artful you are at explaining it, it still doesn't make sense.  It doesn't make sense because it appears that we've lost patriots.  It appears our government is not filled with patriots anymore.  That's what's inexplicable. 


Oh, you can come up with, "Well, the donors are insisting on this," or, "They're a bunch of elites and they have their own reasons for doing this," or, "Rush, they don't care anymore about average, ordinary Americans, anymore.  That's what happens with elites! The higher they climb the ladder in politics, by definition, the farther away they get from the people they represent.  They lose touch."  Okay.  Fine.  It still doesn't explain this.  I mean, you can explain the Trump phenomenon.  You can explain a lot. 

truth-quotes-einstein4Trump, explained. That pretty much explains President creasy-pants too.

But you can't make sense of the United States president and the United States Senate assisting the world's leading terrorist regime securing nuclear weapons.  You can't explain that! I couldn't explain it to anybody if I tried, not in a way that makes any sense.  I mean, you can tell them what happened.  You can give them all the possibilities.  But, after that, people are still going to say, "Well, why? Why would anyone want the Iranians to have a nuke?"

Richard Feynman- Richard Feynman

Well, you could say a low-information voter asks the question. "Well, Obama thinks that we don't have the right to tell anybody they can or can't have nukes!  It's not our job.  Just because we're a big country and a large economy, doesn't give us the right to tell people what they can and can't do."  "Oh! Oh! Well, I might agree with that." You do?  You don't think that there's good and evil in the world and that we are on the good side, and that evil must be stopped, evil must be opposed?  Even if you don't think that, do you think evil must be aided?  Do you think evil must be assisted?

einsteinThis week’s award goes, hands down, to the U.S. Congress


I leave you with this final thought, sponsored by the English department; Alexander Pope to be specific:

obama selfie stick;alexander-popes-quotes-5

OK, maybe one last parting shot from the physics department would wrap it up better:

1597-Albert-Einstein-Quote-Black-holes-are-where-God-divided-by-zeroHee, hee; Nailed it!

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