Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hillary To Star in new CSI (Crime Scene Immunity) Episode

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What does it mean if the Senate offers your “server guy” immunity? It’s hard to say for sure, butt it’s usually not good sign for the suspect:

UH-OH There's more trouble ahead for Hillary Clinton, the State Department staffer who freelanced as the tech guy who set up and managed her home server (Bryan Pagliano) told investigators that they shouldn't bother with a subpoena because he would just take the fifth. But now Senate investigators are dangling immunity in front of him. Sens. Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson, the chairmen of two key committees investigating the situation, said they have authority to extend immunity compelling Mr. Pagliano to talk.

It could mean that Hilz will end up being sorry for a lot more than just “causing confusion” with her emails. As it becomes increasingly clear that her emails DID contain top secret information, she’s the only one who continues` to be confused. After all, her private email system, she says, was approved. It’s approval came from Bryan Pagliano, Janice Jacobs, or the Secretary of State herself.


Hillary’s reaction upon hearing this news was to burst into spontaneous crocodile tears. Since that didn’t work, expect allegations later this week regarding the Republicans’ micro and macro aggressions against her because she is a woman who wears pants.


There’s a thin, rainbow colored line between truth and consequences.

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Hillary may have wandered over the line and saying “sorry” may no longer be adequate.


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