Friday, September 16, 2016

Michelle’s Basket of Deplorables

“Mrs. Obama’s steps into the campaign spotlight underscore her transformation from a once-reluctant political spouse into a confident public figure…


But this week, Mrs. Obama will wade into the campaign fray on behalf of Hillary Clinton, putting her broad popularity


and reputation for authenticity

target shopping

to work for a candidate who has suffered from a lack of both.”  NYT


“Obama has created a valuable brand for herself since she moved into the White House, nurtured all these years by being very judicious in her choice of public events and interviews.” - Chicago Sun Times

Here’s Lady M’s most recent, judicious choice of public events: shopping at CVS (authenticity!) with Ellen:

Where they worked a coin machine (checkout the broad popularity!) 

mo's broad appeal

figured out how to open a box of wine (authenticity!)

screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-11-13-41-amWine in a box; for the rubes. How cute!

and had a Bernie sighting:


And sorry, if you were planning on Lady M steppin’ in for Hilz should she have an unfortunate relapse of her non-contagious  pneumonia, forget about it. MO’s got much bigger plans: hello Hollywood! I’m ready for my close-up!

michell o eleen

She’s been under the tutelage of the best role model for the “girls”  for years now:


decollinsbeyonce role model

So stepping out in this Gucci (Bey’s designer-of-choice for her “Formations” video) frock constructed of fabric representing the allegorical La Carte de Tendre was a stunning statement: The Lake of Indifference, The River Inclination - Tender On Esteem! How clever! How authentic!


“The enormously popular and much imitated Carte de Tendre...became a symbol for the politically and culturally independent, aristocratic salonnières '”

'in this geography of sentiment the personal is indeed political...placing the female prerogative at the center of civilization'

My advice: drop that frock in the basket of deplorables and send it off to the Salvation Army.

laundry-basket-webLady M’s endless basket of deplorables

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