Saturday, September 17, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Obama To Head 2016 Democratic Ticket

o-h copyThings have grown desperate in the Clinton camp. Nobody is coming right out and saying it - that’s not the Democrat way - butt trust me, the party’s Big Brains have concluded that they can not win with Hillary as head of the ticket; ipso fatso, they have replaced her with Obama.

obama hillary drinkingDon’t worry, I’ve got this!

Aided and abetted by the Democratic operatives with bylines they’ve implemented the bait and switch scam.

cerveza gratis manana free beer

That’s right, the DNC/NBC/MsNBC/CBS/ABC/CNN/NYT/MSM, have redirected the 2016 campaign to Barack Obama’s (aka Barry Soetero) citizenship. More specifically they’ve redirected to Donald Trump’s role in seeking the “official” Obama birth certificate back in 2011 which resulted in the Obama camp finally releasing a copy of it:

bo birth cretificate copy_thumb[2]_thumb[4]MOTUS Exclusive: Obama Official Birth Certificate

You can imagine how much Hilz hates having to ask a boy for help, butt the Democrat Cabal has determined that we really are “Stronger Together.”

birther-obama 2016 copyHillary and Barry: Stronger Together!

So despite Trump’s claim that Clinton started the birther controversy and he ended it, that’s all we will be talking about this week. There will be no more talk about Benghazi, unsecure email servers, Clinton Foundation corruption or Parkinson’s disease; focus is to remain on the racist deplorables and their racist leader Donald Trump.

And under no circumstances shall there be any mention of the fact that it was actually the Hillary 2008 campaign and/or a Clinton surrogate that launched the original Birther ship:


And should the subject come up, Democrat operatives – both with and without bylines – have been instructed  NOT to cite the denial of former Hillary campaign manager Mo Elleithee – who inadvertently made an admission against self interest:


Given the nature of that non-denial denial I can only conclude that Hillary is the most dubiously innocent person in America since, well, O. J..

fox-ojIt’s the old “I didn’t do it, butt if I did, here’s how it happened” denial.

Hillary, the most dubiously innocent woman in America. You can’t lay a hand on her.

dr strangelove3

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