Monday, September 26, 2016

The Podium Wars: Leveling the Playing Field

I see that President-Stompy-Foot-in-Waiting got her special Mine-is-Bigger-Than-Yours podium for tonight’s battle of the tongues.


Along with a soap box to stand on.

Presidential-Debate-Podiums-e1474843397763“Lectern Power Supply” – makes you wonder what power is in this box that Hillary will be standing on.

Although in reality the slight of hand to make Hilz appear to be on par with her opponent requires some reverse engineering: the Hilz podium is actually smaller in stature with a yuge litter lifter box for her to stand on in order to make her appear – scale wise – as large as The Donald.

And do not think for one moment that Hillary won’t be on her game tonight. Just as some women spend their younger years planning their wedding, Hillary has spent her entire life preparing to be president.

hillary (2)Hillary: Lying to you since 1973

And nobody knows the value of optics better than the Clintons. Trust me, she will be on her game: plumped, pumped, waxed and shined.

hillary make up teamThe training-wheel years

hillary looking badDon’t worry, I’m going to wash my hair and grab a nap before air time.

So - after claiming there would be no stools, no podium adjustments and no little boosts from the moderators – we now have proof that this debate will harken back to the good old Candy Crowley days of media “neutrality.”

strongerI don’t think it means what you think it means.

Anyway, we should all be happy that Hillary has finally struck down the bias against short people.

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