Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trigger Warning: Biased Debate Ahead

I note there was a Trigger Warning posted at the Hofstra University debate last night:

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They should have added “biased opinion journalism ” to the list, in which case the “Open Your Eyes” sign on the table next to it would have made sense.

My take on the the debate-by-moderator-fact-checking format: it was a draw. Trump didn’t go all nuts-o and start screaming at Hilz,  Hilz didn’t short circuit and fall over and Lester Holt didn’t moderate. Or ask Hillary any tough questions about her emails, Benghazi, or the Clinton Foundation scam.

Lester did manage to squeeze in a few tough questions:  about Trump’s racist birther position, Trump’s mean comments about women, Trump’s taxes and Trump’s bankruptcies. Really issues that middle-America wants to know about. Questions which might lead you to think that old Lester was in the bag for Hillary if you didn’t know that it was a fair and balanced debate. Not that it mattered.  People only watch these things to see their candidate eviscerate their opponent. That didn’t happen for either camp last night, so we’ll have to hold our fire for the next one. Maybe Trump could try preparing and see how that works out.

So, who won? I say draw, butt clearly Hillary and her little happy dance indicate she thinks she is WINNING!

So don’t worry, and don’t expect the trend towards Trump in the polls to change much. He did manage to slip out of the corral for a bit, butt at least he stayed on the farm. And while Hillary didn’t implode she didn’t move the dial on her likability scale either, confirming she’s still the unlikable woman we’ve grown to know and hate.  

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