Sunday, October 2, 2016

HIIO: You Hack It, We’ll Flak it

Well, it’s October, here come the surprises:


Surprise #1.  Trump Tax Records Obtained by The Times Reveal He Could Have Avoided Paying Taxes for Nearly Two Decades

Note the use of the word “obtained” not modified by the adverb “illegally,” probably because that’s the only way they could have obtained them. So just as scientists begin to question the existence of “dark matter” (more on that at a later date) here we have definitive proof of its existence. At the same time we have evidence of what many of us non-scientists have long suspected: the IRS has been weaponized for use against the Deplorables. Prepare to locate a tax shelter.


By the NYT’s own admission there is absolutely no evidence that Trump did anything wrong, i.e. lie to federal officials, illegally deleted emails, or did anything contrary to IRS code like funneling income through a charitable trust. Nevertheless they have judged him to be morally deficient.

irs never learn

Using that standard, I suppose we can also obtain Hillary’s emails regarding Benghazi by any means necessary…oh wait: no we can’t; she had them “Bleach-bit” out of existence. Well shoot. I guess we may as well get back to Trump’s 3:00 am Tweets in that case.

By the way, I may have solved The Donald’s late-night Tweeting habitué: I’ve asked Eric Trump to change his password without telling him. If that doesn’t work I’ll contact “our people” at Twitter and have his account suspended for TOS violations (Tweets of Stupidity).

Anyway, if the NYT can extrapolate 18 years of tax payments from 3 pages of Trump’s purloined state tax  filings, I think I should be able to extrapolate 8 hours of illegal, unethical and morally reprehensible behavior on Hillary’s part towards our Libyan Ambassador and his attachés from her 15,000 deleted emails.  Or maybe Julian Assange will save me the trouble by releasing October surprise #2 on Tuesday.

After all, it is harvest season.


HIIO: You Hack It, We’ll Flak it

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