Monday, October 24, 2016

Phish On!

The word password hooked by fishing hook

Oh dear! About that high-level email hackery that Hillary - and every talking head with a “Democrat analyst” after their name - have been blaming on the Russians? Apparently John Podesta committed his own “high level hack” by falling for the oldest trick in the Internet virtual book: a simple phishing scam. That’s right, he gave the “hackers” his password (h/t: Larwyn’s Linx):

According to these reports, Podesta actually clicked the "Change Password" link on "" and gave these scammers his password.

This is "grandma's first day on the internet" level idiocy.

Imagine how safe we’ll be with Grandma is in the White House. Where she’ll have access to all our secret information. And all Gucifer will have to do is drop a line.

Hillary phishing copyHillRod@clintonprez.comyes, that’s me.

clickShoot! I’ve got to change my password before we can proceed with the Nuclear Attack Test.


hillary's blackberry2 copy

Better check my Blackberry too, which I only use for convenience.


We better embiggen that:

hillary's change password copy

clickThat’s Right, “click” it!


See how easy it would be with someone like “Grandma” in the White House?

Your choice: Make America Continue to Mutate, or Make America Great Again.

guccifer is waiting copyDon’t leave it in Gucifer’s hands.

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