Monday, November 7, 2016

At This Point, What Have You Got To Lose?

November 7, 2016: Today headlines in words that all rhyme with “lie”

James Comey complies, people die (edit: upon further examination this “fishy” murder/suicide appears not to be true. The fact that it is a totally credible hoax does not go unnoticed however.)

Hillary’s maidreceives power to declassify

Wolf BlitzerCNNan outcry over their choice of allies

Chelsea, paid to speechify

Janet Reno - who caused people to fry - dies

Dana Milbank: collusion personified

Huma Abedin, may need to indemnify

Eeverybody, and their grandma, will be on the campaign trail today, battling for the new battleground states.

hillary stops_thumb[1]trump stops_thumb[1]

While the citizens decide who they’re with:

I’m with…her?

hilz thumb


i'm with you trump

Donald will be telling you how we can Make America Great Again. And Hilz, well, she’ll be telling you how she’s "sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision from people who support Donald Trump." You know, all those deplorables.

trump les deplorables2

Show her, people, what difference at this point it makes.

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