Thursday, January 12, 2017

Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold

So Trump held a Presser yesterday. He covered a few topics: Russian hacking, Intelligence community leaks,  his time schedule to Build-the-Wall, the steps he’s taken to avert even an appearance of conflict of interest with his corporation. Butt the only thing anyone wanted to talk about was the completely fabricated yet salaciously entertaining Russian “Golden Shower” report.  That our Intelligence community saw fit to present the dossier last Friday to the president, the president-elect and the Congressional so-called Gang of Eight speaks more to the state of our Intelligence community than anything else.


To say the “report” lacked veracity is rather obvious at this point.


It would be the equivalent of the National Intelligence Community presenting one of Ulsterman’s (now defunct) wildly entertaining, albeit completely fabricated, interviews with the unnamed “White House Insider” to a Congressional committee as fact.[Ed. Not to be confused with the Molsterman Reports which are 100% certifiably true and accurate] Even though a quick Google of “D.W. Ulsterman” would have identified him as a writer of fiction.

hamilton stand for nothing

Anyway, I thought somebody might want to talk about the costs to the Trump family associated with a Trump presidency: Ivanka is giving up her job while her husband, Jared, is stepping aside from his companies - Kushner Companies and Observer Media. The Trump Organization will not enter any new development deals while Trump is president and they have terminated all pending business deals, no doubt incurring millions of dollars in walk-away fees. To say this adds up to “billions and billions” is not an overstatement. It’s Yooge!

Butt it’s not enough for the Left, which has suddenly rediscovered “ethics” after they have spent the last 8 years of the unholy Obama-Clinton alliance on hiatus (along with the Media).

epa_obama_clinton_wave_jc_160705_12x5_1600 Buh-bye to the ‘Ethics Takes a Holiday’ Era

I would think the Media would be pleased that Ethics will once again be taking up residence in the White House.

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