Sunday, January 8, 2017

Why Trump Won, #698 (and counting). An Open Letter To Melinda.

Melinda Byerley, founding partner of TimeShareCMO a startup marketing firm, wants to make it perfectly clear what she thinks of Flyover America:

stupid tweet

Dear Melinda,

I see you’re making progress; 8 weeks and you’ve already moved on from “denial”

not my fault

to stage two in the grief process – anger. That’s okay, let it all out, we can take it. Heck, being your intellectual inferiors we probably won’t even understand what you’re saying, so let it fly! And although you’re in the business of marketing yourself, I see you’re blinded by your grief so perhaps I can help you simplify your message so the stupid people in Flyover will totally understand how the coastal intelligentsia feel about them. How about this:

Dear Flyover America: you are all stupid, violent, racist, misogynistic bigots and deserve to live in shitholes that I would never think of living in let alone relocate my business to. (Although I would love to move into your beautiful rural areas and make them into a liberal paradise; so just sit down and shut up or go away.)

californicationComing soon to a rural town near you

I know, Melinda, that you and your ilk will never be able to fathom why Trump won so I fear you will never reach step five which requires acceptance. So I guess my advice would be to embrace your grief; most likely you will be living with it for at least the next 8 years. Welcome to our world. 



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