Friday, February 3, 2017

Weddings, Like Everything Else, Aren’t What They Used To Be

I currently have 4 nieces/nephews engaged, with weddings planned over the next 2 years, so this news caught my eye:  the average cost of a wedding peaked at $35,000 last year. Wow, that’s a pretty big investment. Especially when there seems to be an inverse relationship between the cost of a wedding and their longevity.


Or as Willie Nelson put it: “it would be cheaper if I just found a woman I don’t like very much and buy her a house.” In fact, a tiny house is one of the items the WaPo notes could be bought for the cost of the “average” wedding. Something else on their list: four club level premium tickets on the 50-yard line at the Super Bowl: $36,000.

So shoot, skip the ceremony and the party and just go to the Super Bowl with your two best friends where you can hear Lady Gaga at the halftime show espouse her views on ‘inclusion’ and ‘equality’ – because who would know more about that sort of thing than Lady Gaga? Watch for her to make it her coming out party, because with the glitterati class it’s always about them.

gaga genderism

You are just there to pay the freight.

btwLady Gaga don’s a bridal veil, as she takes her vows with a fellow crystal globe.

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