Monday, March 20, 2017

Is There Anything This Man Cannot Do?

calvin end is near

Trump holds such power over the Left that it is a little scary to contemplate. It actually started before the election, when liberals simply contemplated the possibility of Trump:

As that reality sets in, a hallucinatory sense of slow-motion doom is descending on many liberals. (Though not only on liberals.) Victims of Trump-induced anxiety describe nightmares, insomnia, digestive problems, and headaches. Therapists find themselves helping their patients through a process that feels less like an election than a national nervous breakdown.

So you can imagine the depth of their despair when Trump was actually elected. In addition to their normal levels of neurotic anxiety, depression, and  stress there was the horror of Trump induced weight loss (Lena Dunham blames Trump for her weight loss), weight gain:


and now…  Trump induced insomnia

calvin insomnia

Which might explain all the confused thinking and idiotic behavior on the Left as of late, but probably not. It appears their desperation has reached levels previously unheard of:

Trump’s election has Sharon Van Epps from Seattle turning to prayer. “I ask that God will help us with this mess and show us how to help ourselves,” Epps said.Daily Caller

Wow, “help ourselves?” Irony, thy name is Liberal. When was the last time they were interested in helping themselves? They would like to help everyone else (with your money of course) but that whole bootstrap thing is foreign to them, especially to those in the snowflake generation. I mean, isn’t that what government is for?


I for one can’t wait to see the melt down of the snowflakes when Gorsuch is approved as Supreme Court Justice.

calvin snowflake

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