Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Say “Cheese”

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Don’t believe a word you read, including this. However if you are a cheese-head and have cut it out for health reasons – because it’s “bad for you” - I have good news: As it turns out, not only is cheese not bad for you, it may in fact be good for you!

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The research from University College Dublin has concluded that people who eat a lot of cheese are thinner than those who don’t, and it doesn’t actually raise cholesterol levels…

They found that the people who consumed the most dairy had lower BMIs, lower body fat percentages, smaller waists and lower blood pressure.

What’s more the participants who ate low-fat dairy tended to have higher cholesterol levels…

The study reinforces recent research from various countries which has suggested that saturated fat from cheese doesn’t increase blood cholesterol levels because of the unique set of nutrients it contains.

“What we saw was that in the high consumers [of cheese] they had a significantly higher intake of saturated fat than the non-consumers and the low consumers and yet there was no difference in their LDL Cholesterol levels,” said study lead author Dr Emma Feeney. – The Independent

Like eggs, which many people had virtually banished from their diets, cheese is well on its way to being rehabilitated as a “good” nutrient rich food. Along with a slew of other nutrition nonsense we’ve been fed constantly over the years by “experts” and government agencies doing their bidding this too will end up being completely debunked. Butter? Coconut oil? Red meat? None of them are actually “bad” for you at all.

Yet, people are still telling us, as recently as last week, how bad high-fat dairy products are for your health. That’s how propaganda works.


So when you hear – over and over and over – that there is “no evidence of Trump being under government surveillance” prior to the election – not only should you not believe it you should assume the opposite.

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So truth will out eventually; in the mean time, say “cheese!”

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