Friday, March 31, 2017

Two Has-Beens: Who Wore It Better?

And you thought it was bad when the media tried to tell us Michelle Obama was a fashion icon, never dreaming that it could get worse.

The former First Lady and Secretary of State swapped her signature pantsuit for a badass black leather blazer during her first major post-election speech on Tuesday.

Social media swooned over Clinton’s sudden sartorial shift at the Professional Business Women of California conference, where she came out swinging against Republicans.

clinton stink“Badass” Hillary Clinton still has skin in the game; showing who’s the boss.

Also keeping skin in the “badass” game, Barack-my-wide-belt-on-my-non-mom-skinny-jeans-matches-my-badass-leather-bomber-jacket Obama:

Former President Barack Obama has been building his own fashion fan club since leaving the political limelight, especially with a slim brown leather jacket that he sported on his return trip from the Virgin Islands earlier this month.

obama brown bomber…and they both match my perfectly polished shoes. Handbag optional.

Clinton and Obama are making a statement in sporting these skins. “Both of them are rocking this new, confident style.”…Now that neither political figure is embodying the role of president or presidential candidate, they are each free “to express their real personalities with how they dress.” - Money-ish

One wonders if that’s wise – expressing their “real personalities” – especially in Hillary’s case. When even old British rockers like Roger Daltrey think you’re dead meat, it might be over:

British singer Roger Daltrey says 'a dead dog' would have beaten Hillary Clinton in the U.S. presidential election.

The Who's legendary front man tells the British music news website NME that President Donald Trump 'really didn't win because Democrats threw it away by putting (Hillary Clinton) up. A dead dog would have won it against (her), look at that.' Daily Mail

Clinton San Francisco“Who you calling a dog?”

The truth of course is that Hilz was the dead dog in the race -

Hillary-Clinton-Helped-Up-Steps being dragged –unsuccessfully- across the finish line.


I guess we should have known, I mean, it’s not like she didn’t send out some distress signals:

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