Friday, March 3, 2017

What’s Up With All the Squirrels In The Swamp?

Trump delivers a killer speech, the Dow breaks 21k, unemployment is down, consumer confidence is up, the Dems trash war hero’s wife…oh look! A squirrel!


And his little Russian spy friends:

boris natasha

In yet another case of projectionism the Dems again accuse their opponents of things they themselves have done: illegally conspiring with the Russians. Some even demand that AG Jeff Sessions be thrown in jail. I don’t remember any of them being very concerned with justice when AG Eric Holder was found to be in criminal contempt of Congress.

But frankly I’m already tired of their Russian squirrel so from now on my only response to anyone bringing it up again is this…

more flexibility after election

and demand that they tell me exactly who or what they think the ex-President was planning to compromise “after the election.”

For all we know the Russians hacked the Democrats’ computers in retaliation for Obama not following through on his promise to “be more flexible.” So let’s put that out there, it’s as believable as any other fake news.

My advice to President Trump: Drain the Swamp! Pronto. Obama stocked it with a lot more alligators just before he “left the building.”


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