Sunday, April 30, 2017

Fake Nerd Prom

Half the people speaking at last night’s Trumpless White House Correspondents’ Dinner made a point of telling the President in absentia that “the media is not fake news!” And yet nobody saw the irony of having a fake correspondent from a fake news show from Comedy Central  host the event?

fake newsHasan Minjah, posterboy for Muslim Anchor Babies and Dreamers

No wonder they don’t know fake news when it bites them in the butt.

President Trump, meanwhile, was busy raising the roof in Pennsylvania.


Expect MSM to report he drew a small crowd.

If you ask me one of the most promising outcomes of the First 100 Days of Trump – which is related to the current state of the fake news cabal  - is the active rumor about a  spontaneous generation of a real conservative network. Wouldn’t that be sweet? A real response to media fascism?

Something tells me that Sean Hannity might be persuaded to join some of his former colleagues in that eventuality.

They’re expanding their attack to target media outlets and individuals who refuse to push their biased talking points and fall in line with their agenda. They hate Fox News. They hate talk radio. And they hate you, if you support our president and his policies.

I am calling it “media fascism.”

As you may know, I have become the target of a smear and slander campaign. The radical, alt-left, destroy-Trump media immediately picked up on lies told about me — even though the person with whom they originated recanted. They wanted a cheap headline.

A simple Google search would have ended the witch hunt against me. These lazy so-called journalists would have discovered this individual has severe credibility issues and has targeted and tried to smear and slander me for well over a decade.

Like President Trump, I can fight back. But this is about more than either of us. The dishonest media is out to silence every conservative voice in the country. Trump’s election has made them come unhinged, and now they are coming after all of us.”  - Sean Hannity

But in the interim, expect the mainstream media to continue to build false narratives in order to generate more fake news. 


It’s their job.

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