Tuesday, May 2, 2017

We Demand Heads

So it looks like we have a 100% Democrat-approved budget. The Trump budget continuing resolution looks pretty much like the Obama budget continuing resolutions of the last 8 years – except bigger. This isn’t exactly the Contract with America we signed on for.

I guess we’re to believe the Republican’s perennial “we’ll just take one bite of the apple at a time” approach will work this time?  When it’s never worked before?

poison app;e

So in lieu of a border wall we’re to be satisfied with the end of Michelle’s rotten school lunches?

lunch. fish fillet whole wheat roll dry cornjpg

While that’s nice for the lunchroom crowd today, the orchard continues to be littered with rotten apples that will have to be dealt with tomorrow.

rotten apples

We are not amused.

granny_smith.applejpgI’m talking to you Mr. Ryan

And we demand heads.


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