Sunday, April 9, 2017

Like a Necktie For Your Butt

In case you live in a cave and are unaware: butts are the new boobs. Every young woman wants big ones in the 21st century. Some want them bad enough to have augmentations.


There’s just no explaining some people’s taste and delusions.

On an objective basis (i.e. da Vinci’s golden ratio) disproportionately large butts are not attractive.

golden ratio da vinci - Copy

But(t) like so many issues, many of them far more important that the size of boobs and butts, pop culture has dictated what people accept as objective reality. Hence young women have been brainwashed into believing they need to haul around a big booty in order to be desirable and sexy. As described (rather grotesquely) in The Fake Butt Phenomenon some women would go to any extreme to add a caboose to their rear end. 

Apparently the cult of the big butt migrated north from South America some years ago and for some reason gets a waiver from the otherwise politically correct warriors opposed to all other forms of cultural appropriation, including Taco Night. Having been totally embraced by Hollywood and other so-called celebrities –

buttsBooty butts of Kardashian, BeyoncĂ© and Lopez 

the totally fake, big butted booteratti have become entrenched as the 21st century’s ideal of beauty. Otherwise how else do you explain this list? Top 30 World’s Most Beautiful Women? (h/t Blonde Gator) – which includes Michelle Obama at #21,


and Hillary Clinton at #6 (I will spare you). “Journalists” don’t even care about credibility anymore.

But(t) for politics, political correctness and nepotism the list would have been the Top 5 World’s Most Beautiful Women, butt that’s another story, for another day.

necktie for butt

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