Friday, May 19, 2017

The Ungovernable Left – E Pluribus Unum Amplius

  Berkeley-Riot-Ungovernable-leftThe Left’s Agitprop on Parade: Berkeley, February 2017

As you know my love for Tucker has waned significantly over time, to the point that I seldom watch. But as sleep alluded me last night I switched it on at 2:00 AM and was stunned to hear the most comprehensive condemnation of the Left in America I’ve heard in a very long time.

Tucker Carlson believes the left wants to remove President Donald Trump by any means necessary, and he says this highlights the drastic and dangerous changes the progressive movement has undergone in the past several decades.

"The modern left is no longer an ideological movement. Instead it's an organized movement around identity politics," Tucker said on tonight's show.

He warned that dividing Americans into "sub-groups" and promoting "tribalism" is dangerous for our democracy.

He said that modern progressives don't want to argue and have a reasonable discussion. They want their "team" to win, and some of them are willing to use violence to do so, as we've recently seen at protests across the country. – Fox News Insider

He calls the modern Left the perfect perversion of the American tradition of “out of many one.”


He also warned of the danger inherent in the increasing tolerance of escalating political violence.

Carlson revealed that of the progressives he’s hosted on his Fox show, some have outright refused to decry political violence.

Violence is what separates politics from war. It’s when hurt feelings become dead bodies, the point at which countries become ungovernable.”  The Blaze

It’s a 6 minute clip and worth every second of your time.

The Left has fundamentally transformed the idea of America from E Pluribus Unum to E Pluribus Unum Amplius – out of many, many more - which all but guarantees they will be ungovernable by any other than their own kind. And we won’t allow it.

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