Thursday, May 25, 2017

We Still Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Evidence.

Now that the progressives have effectively dealt with the latest Jihadi terrorist attack on civilians…

Screen Capture #394

we can now return to our originally scheduled programming: Russia! Russia! Russia!


"I am talking about strategies that were developed, working with the Trump campaign. I really do believe that much of what you saw coming out of Trump's mouth was a play from Putin's playbook. I think that when you saw him, absolutely, calling Hillary 'Crooked,' 'Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!' I think that was developed strategically with people from the Kremlin, with Putin, and I think it is more than bank records," she said, mentioning "visits to Moscow" by Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.
"I think that there was a cooperation in developing strategy about how they could ensure that Hillary Clinton was not elected," she said.

And if Maxine is convinced, we don’t need no more stinkin’ evidence.

Gowdy Grills Brennan: Do You Have Evidence Of Trump-Russia Collusion Or Not? Brennan: "I Don't Do Evidence"

Nor, evidently, does anybody else in the MSM.

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