Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Why The Civilized World Is Losing The War On Islamic Jihad: A Final Solution

Ignore all the usual useful idiots - the Democratic party, MSM, Hollywood and universities - we all know how they protect and enable Islamic jihadi.

Focus instead on something that can be fixed - the three most significant flaws in the civilized world’s approach to fighting Islamic jihad:

  • Surveillance/Information Overload: not only is it dysfunctional, it’s illegal.
  • Treating the fight against Islamic jihad as law enforcement rather than war: the rules of engagement are entirely different.
  • Failure to understand the motivations and intent of Islamic terrorists: remain willfully ignorant at your own peril.

Fox News may be headed down the rabbit hole but they still managed to host guests yesterday morning who outline all three flaws succinctly. First Judge Andrew Napolitano:

and then Dr. James Mitchell:

President D. J. Trump and the MOTI already know what must be done:

  • Stop surveillance of everyone’s cell phones, emails and commercial transactions. Profile, profile, PROFILE! Employ surveillance where surveillance is due: every mosque, Islamic center and CAIR.
  • Unleash the hounds of war and use the profiled surveillance information to fight terrorists preemptively rather than simply waving it around as evidence after the fact to prosecute criminal cases of jihadi strikes.
  • Stop denying reality and accept the fact that jihadi are obeying the unreconstructed, fundamentalist principals of Islam as documented in the Quran.

Then, and only then, will the medieval thugs and their sharp knives be rendered impotent in the modern era.



bombYeah, I’m talking about MOABs. Chemical castration from  20,000 feet

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