Sunday, June 11, 2017

The F-Bomb: I Blame Workplace Hostility

From Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez to California Democratic Party Chair John Burton to New York State Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, cussing has become the new norm of communication with their tribe. Some speculate that they are simply reflecting frustration over losing the election. Not so: despite claims to the contrary, that is who they are.

They own the coarsening of our culture that brings us to this point in time. So coarsened that a U.S. Senator feels perfectly comfortable connecting with her young-ish audience by letting rip with a few F-bombs, so comfortable in fact that they were scripted into her remarks.

We, on the other hand, due to the selective application of Progressive standards, are not allowed to say “pussy” (although they can even sing about it – at the White House no less) or the N-word (although blacks can and even white progs can - as long as they end it in an “a” instead of an “r”).


George Carlin bit it too soon, we’re slowly working our way through his entire list of 7 dirty words.

Full disclosure: MOTUS has dropped her share of F-bombs over time. I blame workplace hostility (mine).

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