Thursday, June 15, 2017

Where Are The Moderate Leftists?

Donald Trump gets elected and the Left protests by setting fires in the street:

Limo. burns trumpprotestTrump_Riots_4

They form a “Resistance” and continue to riot for months, forming a “Resistance” whose members throw punches, attacking their “enemy” with their fists, sticks and bike locks stuffed in a sock. Celebrities who have joined the movement throw oil on the fire saying increasingly stupid things like they want to burn the White House down. And suddenly every Democrat pol is so angry they have seemingly lost the ability to control themselves and the air turns blue with their F-bombs.

The Left forms “The Resistance” made up of Antifa types and then seem shocked - shocked I tell you! – when a nutter declares open season on Republicans. And Terry McAuliffe’s first reaction is to politicize it by railing about gun control.

Mark Steyn explains how this normalization of political violence lead to more political violence.

“Going back to the dawn of this administration the left wants to denormalize and dehumanize… its political opposition and they do that in a variety of ways.”

He noted the riots at college campuses whenever a conservative is invited to speak and that if you oppose Obamacare that you want “grannies and urchins to die.”

“Once you do that,” Steyn continued, “you’re basically saying that there’s no form of civilized political discourse with your opponent.”

Where, I wonder,  are the moderate Muslims Leftists?

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