Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Red Tide

Red Tide: noun

1. a discoloration of seawater caused by a bloom (large concentrations of aquatic microorganisms) of toxic red dinoflagellates. It is caused by microscopic algae that produce toxins that kill fish and make shellfish dangerous to eat

2. a discoloration of  facts caused by a bloom (large concentrations of media microorganisms) of toxic anti-red state journalists. It is caused by microbial scum that produce toxic fake news  red alerts about Russian hacking in hopes of killing Trump’s presidency and making Republicans dangerous to elect.

By daylight  you can see this scourge for what it actually is: a floating sea of toxic waste:

s_RedTide2069bCreeping red tide. Euuu!

When viewed as the media would have you see it however, it appears to be an enchanting fairytale concoction: 

The blue glow comes from Noctiluca scintillans, aka sea sparkleKnown as “red tide” by day…under cover of  night it  takes on the glow of  contrivance

Just reflect back on the media coverage of our late, great FLOTUS and I think you’ll grasp the conceit.


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